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Copy Editing

Not getting the right feeling from your essay or assignment?
MH Tuition is happy to provide a simple service to put your mind at ease. We can identify and fix errors related to spelling and grammatical typos, tone and style inconsistencies, awkward syntax, and offer you smarter word choices.

Whether you need it next week, or today MH Tuition will be excited to receive and polish your prose.

Prices up to 10,000 words

Important - MH Tuition is not liable for the overall merit of work submitted for editing. 

MH Tuition does not and will not work upon submitted content. 

All content must be the individual (client's) responsibility - MH Tuition will not be a part of an unlawful or misguided act. 

MH Tuition has the right to terminate a project under just grounds such as unlawful expectations and these grounds are determined by the editors of MH Tuition.

Where termination of a project occurs, MH Tuition holds the rights to decide whether reimbursement does or does not take place.

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