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Our Rates as of
February 2023

M.H. Tuition has been delivering quality skills development in all areas of learning for several years now. Priding ourselves on being able to answer all questions and provide our clients with the means to explaining / solving their work, our methods are of the highest standard to ensure you achieve your absolute best!

If there are any queries toward our rates, please don't hesitate to get into contact with us via the contact submission form at the end of this page, calling Ask MH (number listed on our home page), or through Facebook (search @hunjettuition). We'd love to hear from you and work together toward helping you create the best version of yourself.

All listed rates are GST Inclusive (GST has already been added into our rates)

2023 MHT June Rates_edited.jpg


Current Specials

New clients receive your 1st session at $60.

Ongoing Referral Incentive


Refer clients to us and provided they learn with us for at least 3 sessions, you will receive 10% off your rate for a period of 10 weeks!


Refer more, and save more:


1 new client - 10% off

3 new clients - 15% off

5 new clients - 20% off

8 new clients - 50% off

10+ new clients - FREE!


Contact us for further details

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